Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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DBaaS by Simtech is a private cloud on premise platform transforming your on-premise Oracle database estate into a database cloud platform.

Yes, we have a supported platform requirement standard which we frequently update. Also expect more and more support for Oracle systems like Exadata, PCA and ODA.

Yes, the solution is API driven and if your roles allows you to access features, you can also initiate them via the API.
The solution has certain client specific elements like network and security standards, a service catalog and integrations, we implement these requirements via software defined configuration during the initial rollout. The requirements will be collected during one or more pre-deployment sessions. The provisioning of the platform is fully automated and is handled by our professional services.
The product can be acquired via either a CAPEX or OPEX payment model.

We expect to have more and more hardware support coming up, more and different database vendors are on the engineering roadmap and we expect to include NoSQL databases.

It is a solution to be run within your or in a 3rd party datacenter.
  • Hosting providers
  • IT Service providers
  • Internal IT providers
  • Parties that seek more control regarding license usage
  • Parties that intend to lower operational costs
  • Parties that seek cloud capabilities for Oracle database on premise

The platform allows multiple licensing scenarios:

  • Bring your own license – You enter your CSI in the system and the platform will use those entitlements for your tenant
  • The platform could be licensed by us for you
  • In certain cases we can offer a pay per use model

Simtech and or partners of Simtech.

The complete solution is based on the standards as named on the latest Oracle licensing and partitioning guidelines. All license management is based on entitlements, platform capacity and hard-partitioning. The instant license usage reports provided via the platform are based on information demand license vendors often request when conducting audits.

Yes, our business analyst team can provide business case sketches on request, it is common to expect a positive ROI within a year.

Yes, the solution has a flexible API layer that allows to integrate with almost any system available within enterprise IT.
Yes, all supported Oracle database versions are to be considered part of the proposition and will be provided to our customers. No need to develop your own building block. The platform allows for pre and post provisioning automation to even further tail the platform to client standards.
Feel free to contact Simtech when you have any further questions. We are pleased to support you. We are happy to provide you a demo based on real-world cases or demand.

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